Digital Marketing

Website eMarketing and eCommerce

Getting your website to work for you via eMarketing and eCommerce !

At Innova Security Solutions (Innova), we help companies to specialise in the above.


With Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube, and others, the opportunity to grow one’s business through these media is exhilarating. Most companies are already using these media for their marketing. At Innova, we help companies to use these media to market their products and services quickly and efficiently. Typically, this eMarketing is now been accepted as the best way of reaching out to audiences across the globe.

In addition, we help companies to market by integrating their products and services to SMS and email, which is becoming more the norm especially with mobile phones being used by almost everyone.


eCommerce is becoming a fast accepted business trend today that products and services companies want to establish besides the conventional distribution approach. eCommerce brings about a lower  operating cost and yet allows a wider reach to the target customers leveraging on the maturity of the internet and mobile devices community.

Innova offers a complete eCommerce strategy that provides the following:

Technology Infrastructure

  1. Products and Services Website
  2. Mobile Site & App
  3. Hosting and Domain Name
  4. E-Commerce and Payment Gateway
  5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Administration and Reporting

  1. Web Content Management System (CMS)
  2. Analytic Reporting Tool

With Innova’s vast experience in providing solution, it will help companies in planning and execution of their eCommerce operation under the Managed Services model. The benefits of this are:

  1. Lowering the Total Ownership Cost of operating the business.
  2. Helping to apply the right strategy with your products and services, target markets and business territories
  3. Integrating and monitoring your eCommerce operation with minimum business process re-engineering.

Contact Innova personnel today to assist in either eMarketing or implementing an eCommerce site for your operation.