Disaster Recovery

Business Disaster Recovery

You never know when a disaster may strike


INNOVA provides critical mirror images of an organisation’s applications and data allowing for backup & rapid restoration. Copies of the latest critical data as required prior to business disruption are maintained for rapid restoration and business recovery.

Disruptions may come from a variety of sources

  • General destruction : fire, water damage or building disasters
  • Natural disasters : earthquakes, floods and storms
  • Human failures and omissions : carelessness, acts of sabotage
  • Civil unrest : riots & acts of terrorism

The 4-Hour Action & Recovery process allows for

  • 24/7 short notice alert advise to INNOVA’s Recovery Centre
  • High bandwidth traffic switching to activate Cloud based backup systems
  • Connectivity from anywhere around the world via high speed Internet
  • Minimal disruption to business operations
  • Recovery exercises to ensure readiness and effectiveness

Special Features & Focus

  • Cloud Based Recovery Service
  • No Hardware Investments
  • Choice of backup options
  • Recovery & restoration only a phone call away