3D Google Sketch Up

Educate & Empower students to create interesting 3D Models!

Google Sketch Up Modelling Course – Revolutionising the Classroom


Course Objectives:

This course aims to educate and empower students to create interesting 3D models in SketchUp. 3D Modelling is one of the most interesting way to teach students on visualisation skills and mathematical concepts. It is also a great tool to encourage creative learning by encouraging and empowering students to explore complex design ideas easily in 3D.

At the end of the course, students can be expected to have the knowledge and skills to design and create a 3 dimensional object inside Google SketchUp. This course can be a compliment to any inter-disciplinary classes or project work in the school.

3D design can easily be added to any number of classroom projects that are not directly design related : e.g. designing a set for a Shakespeare play – creating visualizations of historical settings or getting students excited about history by building a virtual history museum.

New Insight : In the past, students learn to design the 3D models without the capability of visualising in its final 3D form (that is printing the model). Innova will provide that capability today for the schools to realise five 3D models that the school have designed through this course – by using its in-house 3D printer. This enhances the course for the students as they can see and feel the physical 3D model realised.



Today there are thousands of jobs out there waiting for graduates with 3D skills : games developers, architects, engineering designers, manufacturers, graphics set designers, teaching professionals, technical draftsmen, and many more. This course enlightens the students on the use of 3D graphics and modelling, which some school students would never have a chance to learn otherwise.

The digital age has seen students being exposed to 3D games more and more – just look at the number of people playing 3D games on their mobile phones today whilst in a bus. Employment opportunities for graphic designers are expected to grow by 13% during 2008-2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov). The projected increase would create 36,900 new jobs. This growth rate reflects a better than average increase as compared to that of other occupations. Universities now offer Master and Bachelor degrees in 3D graphics designs and animation.

Hence, this 3D modelling course is one of the best programs that can be adopted by high schools today to teach students 3D graphics. We strongly propose that schools look at this great course to enhance their own school programs, if none is offered currently.


Basic 3D Models

3D model

Based on our own research, students get up to speed with such 3D concepts quickly when they are put through this course. 3D concepts bring so much depth to graphics that it is vital that students are given this knowledge of what can be done using technology available today. Visualisation skills is quickly learned and mathematical students can grasp mathematical formulas better in the process.

Today’s learning can be so much enhanced with 3D modelling that teaching it to students becomes critically empowering.


Course Outline

1. Introduction to Google SketchUp

  1. Define geometric terms
  2. Understanding the basics of 3D modelling concepts
  3. Introduction to the Google SketchUp interface and tools
  4. Navigating in Google SketchUp

2. Experiencing the different tools in Google SketchUp

  1. Introduction to SketchUp’s inference engine
  2. Getting used to the basic tools
  3. Create surfaces from lines, circles, freehand curves
  4. Creating a simple 3 dimensional object

3. Introduction to advance manipulation tools

  1. Create 3 dimensional objects; chair and table
  2. Applying texture
  3. Customising and editing textures

4. Utilising advance manipulation tools

  1. Introduction to the Follow Me tool
  2. Create a sphere
  3. Copy objects
  4. Manipulate objects intelligently
  5. Mirror an object
  6. Understaning and using the array tool
  7. Creating complicated 3 dimensional objects

Upon finishing the course, the student will be able to confidently use Google SketchUp to increase his knowledge in the fundamentals of 3D designing.