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Product Description

Running a business is more challenging than ever today, particularly for mid-sized and small companies. New customers are elusive; profits are under pressure; and your competition seems to be one step ahead of you all the time. You need a step-change; and you need it yesterday.

Sage CRM helps companies like yours to make that change. Discover how to maximise your sales performance, increase demand for your products and services, and turn exceptional customer experience into your #1 competitive advantage. With Sage CRM, you can completely re-imagine the way you do business, helping you to drive growth and profits, even in tough times.

The Mobile Service Forms from Innova Security Solutions (ISS) is a layer on top of Sage CRM to provide mobile interactions to users, who would want to access Sage CRM system via mobile devices (phones and tablets).

It enables the users to acquire information from their mobile devices easily – to upload and download information (photos, forms, documents, signatures), and to synchronise data with Sage CRM.


Application Use

There is no limitation to its usage in any organisation that has Sage CRM in use. The Mobile Service Forms application can be used to interface to any of Sage CRM database tables via Sage CRM set of APIs (the program interfaces provided by Sage to developers to integrate to the Sage CRM).

This is currently in use by companies to build mobile interfaces on Android phones to capture engineering service information as well as for customer surveys. Information of which includes photos, signatures, structured data, and documents.

It is expected with the proliferation of mobile devices in use today, most people would find it easier to acquire data from these devices to upload to the Sage CRM.  Service engineers, for example, can input data from customers’ sites through their phones back to Sage CRM system without having to return to office to do this. Equally, a report can be downloaded from the CRM to be included in an email to be sent out from the phone.


Competitiveness of Product

The Mobile Service Forms is new add-on to Sage CRM, which will help to increase productivity of any organisation.

This innovative product will enhance the ability of the organisation to tap into the quick development of mobile applications that involves data capture.


Product Security

Mobile users are restricted access by a password system, which will authenticate whether they have access the Mobile Service Forms system, thereby ensuring that the system is secure from any undesirable intrusion.


Innova Security Solutions Pte Ltd

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