Sales Training

Corporate Sales Training

So your sale has just gone sour, and it affects your sales quota. It has been a tough year marred by losses.

You try to work out what went wrong : is it the product, is it the price, is it the solution, or is it simply a brand name?

You may figure out it is none of the above.


It has been discovered  in  a survey (by CEB USA) of many thousands of sales wins that only 19% of customers bought on brand or company, 19% bought on best product and service delivery, 9% bought on value to price BUT a whopping 53% bought on their sales experience with the sale reps.

In addition to that finding, today’s customers are reluctant to buy from the sales reps until they have fully scoped out their requirements – and they are able to do that themselves with the abundance of information on the internet and social networks (and with 3rd party consultants). By the time, the sales reps are invited to speak with the customer, it is all about pricing – who can provide the best price.

The customer is now your competitor – he has “commoditised” your solution. In going out to purchase, he already knows the three best suppliers’ solutions that will meet his requirements.

If you had lost even though you have a great brand and company, a great product and best practice service delivery, and very good pricing, then perhaps it is very likely your sales approach has compromised your advantage.

The Challenger Way specifically addresses that common sales predicament : generating a great sales approach that will secure your customer’s loyalty and then be rewarded with the business.

The Challenger Way offers the sales reps a differentiated approach, allowing you to teach the customer a new insight, tailor it to the individuals you are selling to, as well as taking control of the sale (rather than be controlled by pricing). This approach is the reason why sales people win even without a great brand/company, best product/service delivery, or best value to price.